Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year I

The year I traveled out of the country 4x
The year I drove for the first time.
The year I started high school.
The year I became a Compassion International advocate.
The year we got one step closer towards adoption prep for Miss M!
The year that consisted of court, court, and more court.
The year I prayed more.
The year I fell in love with classical music. And football games.
The year I joined a discipleship group.
The year Chipotle was brought into my life.
The year I lost my reading mojo…
…and the year I got it back.
The year I understood more about what being a daughter of the King means.
The year we added another child to our sponsorship family. 
The year I purged my clothes. Hallelujah and Goodnight.
The year I got a newfound desire to dig in The Word.
The year my family had to cancel two vacations. Boo.
The year I learned to like avocado (my taste buds finally love me!)
The year I should've written more.
The year my friendships grew, both in number and closeness.
The year we thought about moving, but didn't (for, like, the 3rd time).
The year I turned 15 (but honestly, it feels more like 18).
The year I became an essential oil addict.
The year I was reminded that DQ blizzards exist.
The year I was introduced to the greatness that is Jimmy Fallon.
The year I was an infrequent blogger.
The year I accidentally tasted champagne (aka the most disgusting drink in the history of ever).
The year with so many ups and downs my head started to ache.

The year I will pick up the cello again.
The year I will go to Disney World for the umpteenth time.
The year I will go sweet free*
The year this girl will finally get some school done. Sheesh.
The year I have so much hope for. Crossing my dainty little fingers.

*Bless my sugar-lovin' heart. I'll do the best I can. // UPDATE: Never mind. 

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