Saturday, May 9, 2015


My grandparents moved from the house they'd lived in for as long as I've been alive. I was not particularly happy about it. I mean, that was their house. It's all I've known of theirs. I could not bring myself to imagine another family calling it home. It sounded weird. 
Well, I visited the new house a couple days ago. Their backyard gave me an immediate change of mind. I LOVE IT, YOU GUYS. It's not anything special, but there are flowers growing on the fence and the most perfect climbing tree. That's all you really need anyway. 

I mean, look. Sigh.

You know when you're looking at something and you receive a feeling of… want? Like a sudden desire for something more has been born in you? That's what happens when I see sunlight coming through. The hope. The wonder.

 The curiosity and desire to know about the Creator sometimes is more comforting than actually knowing. Or maybe the wondering about Him IS knowing Him. Knowing He is big enough that we don't have to hold all the answers. How powerful is He that we humans might not be able to comprehend on this earth the entirety of Him?

The wonder.

And what I most love about wonder is that there's no limit to how infinitesimal or prodigious something has to be for a person to experience it.

The never-ending, mysterious universe beyond our own galaxy. The variety of detail in the petals of each flower. It's all by Him, and it all gives me so much gratefulness. So much desire to KNOW.

The little and "less important" creation is of equal worth to the big. He is a mighty and holy God, oh yes He is. But BECAUSE He also notices what others may not. Might we do the same? Might we be strong enough to wonder about the considerable AND the inconsiderable?

What do I know of wonder? Help me, O God. Help me to never lose it.
Even when it comes smallest and most monotonous things. Especially when it comes to those. Like light coming through that one tree in my grandparents' backyard. 

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