Monday, August 7, 2017

On the same day-- in the same hour-- I find myself both telling God he is worthy of everything and asking myself if I am crazy for believing He's real.

Yes, maybe I am. That is the life of faith after all. 

This God for whom I'm daring to live my life has taken me on the greatest adventure as I seek to know Him. He never stops surprising me. The unchanging God is the least boring-- which it's sometimes hard for me to remember that He is unchanging, because I am always learning new things about Him. And as I get to know Him, who He is in my eyes is changing-- He's becoming more of who He's always been, and less of who I've made Him up to be.  

Though the digging, the seeking, the finding-- it is not for the lazy. It requires discipline and causes you to have questions, some of which will be answered and some that won't. It takes your faith and your faithfulness. Sometimes you'll wonder to yourself how you got here, and have to remind yourself Why. Don't be afraid to wrestle. Study His Word. Do the work. He is truth and He's not going anywhere. 

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